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.how many summers do u have left.

think about it… and enjoy every fucking peace of time with all your beloved people around you. family is the most important thing in life. forget stupid beef with your friends or family, forget your own pride. act sincerly, honest, friendly and treat your wife always right!

impressions below.







Cinematographic_42shot with the canon 50/1.2 ltm



.v for vienna.

by night it is so different in days…

Prater Wien


Bad Companies_2

Bad Companies

and another boring building



.greetings from falco.

my beloved wife and me went to vienna, austria for a couple of days, for my 34th birthday. the most beautiful city in the world! sorry i´m too lazy to post beautiful architecture from the 17-19th century, if you wanna see that make a google streetview tour. or pack your stuff and go by yourself! more than worth it!

i´m super digging that cine look, as u may see, the last few pictures are looking strange oversized (for me) but you are really loosing some important information by cutting down. so it doesn´t fit for every picture, respectively u have to think about the focal length before shooting. i just switched between my summicron 50/2 v.4, and a voigtländer 35/1.4. that fits most of the situations, but the 50mm is nearly perfect for that.

impression below















a holy moment

whats the question?

if i could be a bird

The Chest Player


.a special project.

i shot this episode a few month ago in new zealand. but it was blocked from a huge photo competition i entered in april. so now the winners & finalists announced a few days ago, and i can finally show it wherever i want. it seemed that i passed the finals by a hair´s breadth. but it´s ok! i saw the finalists work and it´s mega impressive and deserved for the guys. i think i still need way more experience and a way more better topic. but at least it was fun…

all shot in one day, with one lens, i got from handevision to test. iberit 24/2.4. no level correction, no barrel distortion, sharp from corner to corner! highly recommended!

i where honored to shoot this special series on my way through new zealand in a sleepy little town called Hokitika. the pictures are showing an old mental nursery. people getting caregiving for over 135 years until the hospital must close in 2007. Now its´s in private hands, but teenager and a lot of young adults gonna break into it at night, drinking, taking drugs, or burn something down. this place was a sanctuary for thousands of people, now it´s a solitary place. when the hospital closed, they took everything with them and left it like nobody was ever there before. what you see are the leftovers and moods like after a toxic gas attack. a ghost town. i ask the owner to look throughout the windows and shot some pictures, and after two attempts and long discussions, he let me in. the result is the feeling from a once hope giving place made from pug, stones and shards.

competition below.

Ton, Steine, Scherben_1

Ton, Steine, Scherben_3

Ton, Steine, Scherben_2

Ton, Steine, Scherben_6

Ton, Steine, Scherben_4

Ton, Steine, Scherben_5

Ton, Steine, Scherben_7

Ton, Steine, Scherben_8 Ton, Steine, Scherben_12 Ton, Steine, Scherben_9 Ton, Steine, Scherben_11 Ton, Steine, Scherben_10


. 2600 people.

that´s insane. over 2600 people visited my blog this month to see whats happening in here. damn folks. thanks for all your interest in my tiny little bubble. since i started my journey in January, over 10 000 people altogether in 6 month. YOU ARE INSANE!

after so many requests, the print work is getting better and better and i actually sold a few before calling out any proper exhibition plans in the near future.  that will be the next big article about the equipment i bought and paper and so on. first i have to fix the renovation on my flat quickly ^^. so stay tuned for that and thanks again for joining the poll. that was really helpful to give you the possibly best output i can. sometimes i´m a bit lazy to make an informative article besides the normal thrill in my life. so if you have any interests, wishes, questions or suggestions, please let me know at:

in the near future i have great plans to show up. funny projects will follow…

i love you guys so much. never thought that so many people would join my interests, write me sweet emails or buy large prints from my journey through the world. (shipping world wide!)

impressions below

turn left



Damn Tomorrow

The Butcher


Nice Ass Bankerdude

Ota Cornerstore

Mainstreet Highway 2stage detail

Roppongi Tower








i was always asking myself how people get this look of the foreign countries and cityscapes.

belief me, this is not a special secret or photoshop skills, thats just an interpolation. the look brings the natural position on earth. it´s the region where it´s located. from the first couple of hours i loved the light blue tones of the sky and the shadow lines throughout the day in japan. the strong yellow/red tones from new york or the spectacular saturation in australia and new zealand. that´s coursed by the the distance to the the atmosphere and how the sunlight walks over the equator and how it get filtered by the uv particles in the sky.

a friend of mine told me a great lesson:  “don´t try to manipulate the natural look of a picture – just give him the look how it felt for you in that moment”. awesome advise!!!

i´m still troubleshooting with a steady process for my pictures and a recognition for hundreds of them. but i´m still struggling. i think it´s not bad, but it´s still far away from perfect. please forgive me, i´m still learning.

samples below

Mainstreet Highway 2stage

Fujifilm Gallery

Golden Hour Romantic

Lake Tokyo from the side

Azabujubans Hotel California

Lange Belichtung Roppongi Highway

Lange Belichtung Roppongi Crossing∇ cityscapes, tokyo, japan.




we will continuing our little adventure  in two, three weeks to the northern europe like denmark, sweden and so on.

a little break of the wild influences from asia and southern hemisphere. the northern hemisphere with his clean look and super friendly people will give us another prospect to life. im super stoked to this road trip, so stay tuned what this journey will bring us along.

still found tons of pictures from japan. i think this is the beginning of a never ending love story.

impressions below


Layers Tja nech

he, du da!

God that Icecream

Full Tokyo


My Neighborhood in Ishikawadai∇tokyo, japan.



hey friends,

sorry for being late with some additional pictures.

i had a lot of things to do in past couple of days, and i will update this asap. i startetd a new project with my trusted m6ttl and try a lot of new film material for this. one of them is the new cinestill tungsten 800, which is insane. but also the kodak porta, agfa vista, and some other great material to give this new project an awesome look.

on the other hand, i´m still looking through thousands of pictures, and i´m still finding some really great photographs from bali, new zealand and japan. and i fulfilled me a little dream and bought myself an epic printer to print a small exhibition and some great fine arts on awesome hahnemühle paper. so any photography you like from my page, just shoot me a message ( for sizes and pricing. but i will make a separate blog post with  all needed informations to this topic.

so stay tuned and thanks for all your requests and to grow this blog, and be sure to follow me on instagram (stolenm0ments).

impressions below

Akira riding bike


Mama made Ramensoup

Hey Stranger Funny Fart


Honey at Metro counting sheeps


Purple Haze

∇ random spots in tokyo, japan.


.found essentials.

it´s funny to scroll through thousands of pictures and pick some random. black and white works forever, but i´m glad to found the love for colors and coloration. and i´m still learning a lot, so you are right in the middle of my transformation in progress. i think i lost a couple of years with black & white.

impressions below


Clean Don´t Be fancy, be Photographer

Have a Break

Square people_∇ different places, tokyo, japan.


.most impressive.

if you have a fable for architecture, you should immediately pack your bags and take a plane to tokyo. this is the most funniest and impressive architecture at the same time. with 36million people tokyo is one of the biggest metropolises in the world, and all of them need a roof. so this crazy layering is happening, and old vs. new house situation. one of my favorite things is, that they tile their houses. it looks amazing whilst the sun went down.

i never get sick of this.

impressions below

Chill Dude



Umbrella Girl



Hole TileTileAyase

Corner Tower

Last House on the left∇ from ayase to narita, tokyo, japan.