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.moshimoshi nippon.

we made it to tokyo, japan. what a blast!! i will come to that later, because we are super tired and totally wasted. today was the first day and we just took the train to the inner city and strayed around.

it´s sooooooo sick! i´m really in love with the people, the urban romantic, the clean look and the massive surrounding.

pack some stuff and come as you are!

impressions below

Smelly Subway

Pick me

Schools out

masked Subway Rider

old Thoughts

I can´t see anything

Rush stop


Taxi drive by

She is smiling

The dark night∇ tokyo, japan.


.i try and learn.

i try to understand, adapt and see. but way to far away…nevertheless i´ll give me an A for effort^^

Life Framed


Orange Sidewalk

Smooth Criminal

∇ last days in aukland new zealand.



.coincidences are everywhere.

if you are open hearted, positive and wear nothing but a smile, they will find you and give you the joy of life. i think it depends on your own mood, negative feelings or attitudes will bring out negative pictures and the opposite way round. if you want to interact with other people on the streets, you have to be a mirror of themselves. and street photography is an interaction with your surrounding. it´s funny to try it and to see the result, i love it.

i watched a lot of matt stuart, joel meyerowitz and john free stuff in the past couple of days. and that is really inspiring for any photographer. don´t miss that if you are into it! and influenced from this strong words and the truth in it, i get some real shots that have a lot more strength in it, than any other street photography i made before. a new chapter opened in my book and i´m super stoked to write it – figuratively – to capture it, to try and to learn!

you have to understand and believe in what you are doing, otherwise your pictures will never reach another level of meaning.

if life is a joke, we could at least laugh a lot.

impressions below

Wait to cross

Death is behind a corner

death is behind any corner with a smile

eye contact with advertisment


Get that bargin feeling

∇ auckland, new zealand.


.from missing and kissing.

we did it and we will REALLY miss this place!

our time in new zealand is nearly over. we have to leave in a week and heading japan for a while. like i told you on a previous post, i have trillions of pictures left and not the time to edit.  so i think there will be a lot of random post with random impressions coming up in the future. sorry about that, but i think you will enjoy it in anyway. if you have any questions or suggestions please leave me a text: or on my instagram account: stolenm0ments

japan is super amazing as you can guess and has a lot of insane nature as well, which of course, i will try to capture, but the main theme would be about street photography/portrait and urban romantic. i hope you can forgive me and i will try my best to give you the same epic output like i had here in z-land.

by the way, thank you all for supporting this blog and my instagram account, for the nice words, and the love. this keeps me up shooting and to give you the possibly best output i can

we had a lot of fun, have seen insane things, crossed a lot things from our bucket list, made a lot of friends and kind of the best time in our life. but this is not the end, it´s just one part of many sick journeys we will made in the future. so stay tuned!

thanks for all hanna, i luf u!

impressions below

Lake Tekapo-15

Lake Tekapo-9

Lake Tekapo-2

The Finger_

The Finger


The Beauty & the Beast new zealand, random parts


.the answer is you.

people are made to follow other people, as you can see in social media or an even worse example – the ww2 or the last president election in the us. the smarter one under a few, try all their best to take advantage of the simple minds. but a simple mind, is not always an idiot, don´t get me wrong!! for example a farmer isn´t an idiot, because he´s “just” growing vegetables or breed cows. he gets in charge for a hundred of people and give them food and is smart enough, not to be a banker.

the more intelligent people try to get as far as they can from the first one above. the more time i spend in this country on the other side of the planet, the more i think, this is the farest point you can reach, not to get in touch with those freaking poor souls. they are wrecking everything what is from importance like: love, nature, family & friends, piece & quiescent or wildlife and the creatures who cannot fight back. to name just a few under thousands of possible matches.

it´s nasty to watch this from the outside whats happening in europe, america, africa and asia. so much hate, so less humanity, misunderstandings, political propaganda and greed for money. as you may know, when you are working on a project and you are really deep into it… it´s good to leave it for a while, and ask a third person to give you another opinion about it. that´s what i´m doing on this journey.

so the answer of all those problems are you.


of all this what´s happening arround you. you are responsible to vote, recycling, take care of you’re neighbors, kids, friends, homeless people, environmental polution, your job, or your employees, line manager, sanity, ecological and financial prudence, … . you don´t have to work until you´re dying in a job you hate from 9am to 5pm. quit, search another one you really love and give the possibly best you can. We are not born to work so hard that we´re dying from the consequences. and i think more than 75% of all people have this kind of daily work.

it´s just thoughts, it´s just my opinion, it´s just a scenario! you may think about the consequences and the truth.

impressions below

Never using the word skyporn


Ocean with Backlight

the concept of a rangefinder


Great Cost Road

the man who sold the world




Franz Josef Glacier

∇ different spots, south island, new zealand.


.if you try to be individual.

well, i met a lot of people so far. different nations, societies, professions, sexualities, tribes, clubs, couples or homeless people and so on…

what can i say to 99,7%,  you are not individual even though you try. we are just one under zillions of people. each of them try to be individual. non of us is!

think about that, it´s not always about your look or your opinion, it´s how you act, and how you treat your environment. it happens exact the same somewhere around the globe, each second with another one which nearly thinks the same.

ohhhh- and if i talk about individual people and being unique… stop shopping at primarkt, or woolworth, or similar. YOU´RE NOT!

they are the most fucking companies on the planet, include a few other, which i will slap/hit/kick/spit/shit in a few posts later in the blacklist of companies!

even though i hope your twin in mind is not a nazi, rapist, trump elector, psycho, stalker, kardashian, or another freak of nature. it´s totally ok to be a white guy listening gangster rap, and totally ok to be a black heavy metal geek. we are all black, redhead, white, gay, straight, curled, freckled, disabled, 6 fingered human. we are all born on this one planet by coincident. you cannot feel superior to someone who is born by coincident in another country, behind a wall a government built, or a imaginary borderline, and has another skin color or accent. you are so stupid if you think like that. it´s accidental! otherwise i hope, you will have this life you hate right now, in a future life!

human impressions below



The Geier




Yellow Stripe

Walk the dog

∇ from north to south island, new zealand.


.the man who sold the world.

an open letter to decades.

i miss you david… i´m sitting in the mowed meadow, thinking about your songs, searching some answers. millions have listened to your voice, but nobody understood what you said.

what happened to the man who sold the world?? i´m telling you – he´s president of the united states of america now. lucky you, you don´t have to see all the sadness in the world now. millions of people living afraid and worried, with no hope in mind. and i think they need your voice again to give some comfort. what have the two of us to do now?? yes, i know never give up. >> you´re laughing, right?? << i can hear you!

you already did your work. a whole life given to meaningful words. now you’re gone, and i still miss you!

nothing changed. i´m sitting in the mowed meadow, listening to david bowie – the man who sold the world.

everybody is a welcome refugee, impressions below


Herr der Vulkane

3 Wedel und ein Gletscher


Wasser fliesst

Gestrüp Gelb

Gestrüp Lila Grün

sliding dunes again

Die 2 in der Düne

Himatangi beach strong

Cliff siluette

before and after


Beach Toyota

Denk nach

Sniffing lines

∇ tongariro, huka falls, himatangi beach, new zealand.



we´re going up north… i forgot more and more the crazy civilization, the overcrowded cities, smok, silly problems, and the unimportant life i had so far. i am nature drunken. things become so irrelevant when you are surrounded from epic mother nature. you seek of fame? i seek for inner peace. and this is probably one good way to find it. i had my first dream in english – it was strange, and i barely can´t remember. this is the other side of the world!

quick impressions below

Cliff walk

Cliff walk from the side



Fishing Dude

Marina Full Moon_

∇ mangawai, new zealand.



there is nothing to say… beautiful things don´t ask for attention!

oh there is one thing… this native accent is a savage! oih!

impressions below


Muriwai Beachside


View Muriwai Beachside detail Die Dornenvögel auf dem Felsen Die Dornenvögel auf dem Felsen detail


Die Dornenvögel

Der Tölpel

∇ auckland, muriwai, new zealand



brothers and sisters-

as you may read in the last entry, we did it to new zealand!! currently – auckland city!

fun fact – auckland is listed on the world´s most liveable cities at the 8th place in 2016!

what an amazing place! they really know how to enjoy life and it´s so slowed down. you can imagine how sweet a place can be, when it´s normal to say >thanks for the good ride< to the bus driver! yes, we have a pretty good time in our lovely air b´n´b in grey linn and watch the tides from the breakfast table. 72 hours are gone and we already joined a guns n´roses concert with slash and axel, 10 minutes walk from home! so i crossed from my bucket list: have seen slash playing his double armed guitar, whilst slamin “sweet child of mine”.  √

now we just stray around, have some coffee and soak up all we get in between, until we will receive our camper van in the next few days. i think we will pimp it super nice and get the party started!

oh! by the way… i love you hanna, thanks for being the best travel buddy and beloved wife of all times!

impressions below

Jump in Pool

Beach Scene

Memories before dying

them girls

Construction worker


Delighted Grandpa

Backlit Auckland Space Needle  Crane Schräglage sitting bull look tacos





Diese Möve∇ auckland, waiheke, new zealand.