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.most impressive.

if you have a fable for architecture, you should immediately pack your bags and take a plane to tokyo. this is the most funniest and impressive architecture at the same time. with 36million people tokyo is one of the biggest metropolises in the world, and all of them need a roof. so this crazy layering is happening, and old vs. new house situation. one of my favorite things is, that they tile their houses. it looks amazing whilst the sun went down.

i never get sick of this.

impressions below

Chill Dude



Umbrella Girl



Hole TileTileAyase

Corner Tower

Last House on the left∇ from ayase to narita, tokyo, japan.


.a cross section through life.

whats the difference between a foreigner and a friend??? probably none, if you take the chance to talk to a random person on the streets and recognize that he is a nice person. or an asshole, ok the chance is 50:50. but a 50% chance to met another nice person…

i love to walk around and dive into thoughts from other people. what are they thinking? what´s their problem? why are they laughing, crying, are mad, angry, or thrilled? can i help them? can they help me?

that could be a great chance growing together as a nation. i love the thought having more harmony around.

impressions below

why homework??

after work

counting sheeps rest

what is he doing

a normal School day

no dinner tonight∇ somewhere in tokyo, japan.


.cherry blossom.

beautiful things don´t ask for attention.

impressions below

Azabujuban Cleaning service

There is always that one creepy guy

She is smiling

Azabujuban daily life Transgender Cherry Blossoms∇ tokyo, japan.


.new York, rio, tokyo.

im shure rio is a pretty epic city, new york indeed is… but what the hell is this tokyo like?!? the mother all of those?
if i would try to describe it, i would compare it with a motion picture but with stills. the movie theme would be a thriller. every second is so exciting. you can feel the boiling blood rushing in your ears. it´s gorgeous and breath taking.

impressions below

Poets of a Crossing

Umbrellas are Fun

Wind in my Hair

Extension Tower Azabujuban top left

Yes, Maybe, No!


Adachi Mall

At the End is light

Azabujubans Baseballturm detail

Nice Ass Bankerdude∇ adachi, tokyo, japan.


.wide range.

just tokyo…

impressions below

Roppongi Skyscraper

leave me alone

Azabujubans Hood


Das ist ein Auto

that finger

Direction Shibakoen & the Eifeltower Eifeltower

Direction Shibakoen∇ everywhere tokyo, japan.



layers & surfaces

one of the most exciting things in tokyo for me, are the layering of the different architectures behind each other which is never ending. it starts with a small little bakery and ends with an insane 270m tall skyscraper, as long as you can see the horizon. the mix is so funny that tokyo becomes one of the funniest city surfaces in the world. the buildings are that high, that the sun is coming in a really steep angle along the day and throws strong shadows in the house canyons. i have a lot of neck pain from looking up all day long.

from tokyo with love, impressions below

From Above

Amazing Architecture

Azabujubans Oben bleiben

Azabujubans Tops

Azabujubans Hauptstrasse

Azabujubans Baseballturm

Crossing with Umbrella

Eck∇ tokyo, japan