.new camera in my bag.

…since yesterday i carry a nearly brand new leica m6 ttl with me around!! we will have a absolute great time, much adventures, funny moments and dangerous situations. i´m looking forward to it, i love you!! … back on film, so excited! be sure to get new limited handmade darkroom prints soon, shoot with my new friend.

oh, and after many asks about my equipment, i decided to make a “whats in my bag”.

hopefully it helps you. but that´s not my daily every time equip. sometimes i store my bag in a chummy pub and just take one camera with me to hit the streets, because you are way more faster and have more free space around you. try it – believe me! even this beautiful smallest ona-bag “the leather bowery”, feels often too heavy for me! no backpack, nothing, just a good stable strap, mine is from the leather wizard himself “angelo pelle”, and of course i will buy a new one from him for my m6. you will get an update then.

be free to ask me questions… just e-mail to:

My M6Whats in my Bag





street update…

… sorry leude, ich weiss meine Seite is grad down, aber des macht gar nix…. ich date dafür hier mal wieder was ab!

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