.moving on.

god damn. three weeks are gone like an eye twinkle. we have to leave tomorrow *crying*

but, hey! this was a freaky amazing time on this island and we met so marvelous people, made so new friends, have seen nature from a spectacular site, had awesome food and impressive culture. all in all – bali nailed it!

i will kick some throwback posts from time to time, because i made trillions of pictures and movies, but had not the time to edit it. we will heading off to new zealand tomorrow in the evening for a really long time. so stay tuned, if you wanna dream a bit as we do. reality is really killing it this time and i will do my best to capture it and give you an uncensored version of life at the opposite site on the planet. this was just the warm up shooting, now we´re getting serious!

so this is not “good bye”, this is “see you in a bit, bali!”

quick impressions below

Mount Agung

wild & still water

Devils Hole

Devils Hole Cliff

Japan Surfers


∇ nusa lembongan, bali, indonesia


.clean your soul.

we were very honored to share a special event at the pura tirta empul. it´s a very sacred place, were hundreds of hindus and especially balinese people gather at full moon and black moon to wash their souls, clean their bodies from bad karma and get blessed.

what a nice ritual which i really recommend. i´m not super religious and i know we have some similar ritual in the catholic church, but this fits me more than our ancient customs. and i really belief in karma. so i always try to respect human being and animals and even those poor idiots who treat everything like a trashcan. and all you trashcan people out there… it will find you, when you don´t expect it!

the people are so peaceful here – from head to toe! and i think this is really missing in other persuasions. and please don´t take it too serious. religion is just a filler not the finish. a good surrounding can bring you peace inside, and a smile will took it out. so if you are really unlucky in your job or your environment, than that´s probably not your right and final destination. you need a change and you will find friends everywhere around the globe.

language is not a barrier. hate is a barrier. bliss and joy, that´s what everybody tries to find. so i repeat myself more than once, but get your ass off the cosy couch, snap a passport and join life! nature is happening, and life is happening, now, and now, and now, and now and now….you missing it… and now and now, and now…. and safe my fucking planet!

impressions below



Longtime expose

Und Ente

Elephant Temple

Monkey Forrest




Get Blessed




Monkeys Crossing

∇ pura tirta empul, ubud, bali, indonesia.



.thanks for having us.

we are getting deeper and deeper into our little bali adventure. the kindness of every single person blows our minds. i mean what happened to our society in europe and north america, that we unlearned to smile?! everybody – everywhere! i think, the quest of happiness really made us unhappy.

traveling opens your soul in every direction, everybody all over the world have some problems from time to time… that´s human being, but how do you handle it really makes the difference. and i think we should not take every single problem or detail too serious, just smile it away. not everything, i´m not stupid, but begin with small things.

now we know what hate brings us along the way. everybody is scared about terror and refugees, dumbasses for presidents, or ludicrous public figures. so we forgot the good things, the good politicians, the amazing artists, and the foreign friends we made so far. it starts with a decision.

please bring back some love, good spirit, and some good prospects to the future. i really looking forward to this…

and don´t forget – beautiful things don´t ask for attention!

quick impressions below

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot earlier


The Umrella Security

Helping Hand



Ubud Rice Terrace square

Ubud Rice Terrace

∇ pura tanah lot, canguu, ubud, bali, indoesia


.lousy living.

here is a little story that goes like this:

once there was a time – a young couple decided to go afar.

then what seemed like an eternity, they open their eyes and find themselves  in one of this unique places mother nature ever built. but that will not last for a long time. why are people making pigs of themselves and treat this awesome places and the locals like a plague of locusts?!? i don’t get that… all you’re children will not be able to feel this uniqueness of mother nature and this warm hearted marvelous people we met in bali here.

so we are more than happy to made that decision now and be able to bring joy to the people and spend a good time with them, to give something back, and have an interaction with the environment, and not to take everything away like a bacteria rankles a host  - this is  a first world problem – to take all you get because you have some money and so you feel more superior to someone??? but for a really good karma and for a good footprint on this planet…  give something back and be patient and kind to everyone, universally! you can take it from me, the people don´t give a shit about your bank account, they have a reaaaally lucky live without all of you!

so safe my fucking planet asshole!

quick impressions below



Japanese Girl @Uluwatu


Heart Beach Life

Wayan4 Wayan3

Local Surf Pro Kamafari receptionist

D`Ori16 D`Ori14

D`Ori12 D`Ori9



Dog Life

∇ uluwatu & canggu, bali, indonesia


.bapak & Ibu baum.

selamat siang,

we arrived after an 25h flight from stuttgart-frankfurt-bangkok in bali at the marvelous uluwatu. and yes – as you probably
can see – it is indeed sweet. the great kamafari surf camp is an awesome host with lovely people all over the place and soul food which i really recommend to everyone.

and this is the direct link to the camp:

thank you so much for having us!!!

it´s just the second day so i cannot really show you guys the awesomeness of this area. but i will try my best to shoot every detail in the next few days to make a longer post.
first impressions below!

sampai jumpa

Der Angler

Angel zu fünft





Wasser zu eim drittel


Sleepy Dog


Padang Padang


∇ uluwatu, bali, indonesia


.how to start with confidence and a degree of humility.

a new number on the paper, and everybody is full with confidence to the world and faith to change everything in society. but it will only happen, when everybody is ready to change his own behavior, is ready to help his neighbor, children, friends or foreigner.

yes we can! at least the most of us… but only if you stop making stupid people famous, vote them for presidents, parliamentarian, majors and so on. we are the streets, the populace, the tribe, or whatever social squad you´re in. but be smart. please let´s stay together as one nation. respect, animals, other opinions, sexualities, preferences, except of your freak shit, then think about it and search for some help! we are all humans, no matter if you are black, white, yellow, brown, straight or gay. we are an evolution of animals by accident. i know you don´t like this thought, but that´s not a fiction, that´s the naked truth! two thousand years ago, we thought the planet is flat, a thousand years ago we´re used to trust that witches can perform miracles, nearly two hundred years ago we invented machines that brought us from one place to another, faster then any horse. now everybody has his own smartphone with as much as knowledge as anytime before, but behave as dump as two thousand years ago. the only miracle what happened any second, minute, hour, day, week, year and decades is nature.

so let us safe this fucking planet!

yes, we can feed any human on this planet, but we don´t. we can possibly fly to other planets, but we don’t. we can have peace, but we don´t. and we can love each other, but we don´t! the barrier is our own mind and intelligence! but if we think about the past hundred years, do you think we are that intelligent??? oh im sorry you finished college and make billions of dollars, cause you sell notional things. but you stopped learning at the school of life!

i feel shame for all of us!

so get your ass off your cosy sofa, study hard, be patient and smart, don´t belief any stupid shit, make your own personal opinion, visit other countries, try to learn and understand their point of view, respect the older generation – one day you will be in the same situation, and possibly the most important point….. have fun and find someone you can share this adventure which we call – LIFE. make a good footprint on this planet, so then we can have the chance for a long and fortunate time. together!

we call it 2017. let´s do this…


sundowner-high baerensee-high baerensee



eisblume-2 eissee






frostbaum-high allein-im-wald frostbaeume


sorry for spelling and grammar, i´m still learning…