.the man who sold the world.

an open letter to decades.

i miss you david… i´m sitting in the mowed meadow, thinking about your songs, searching some answers. millions have listened to your voice, but nobody understood what you said.

what happened to the man who sold the world?? i´m telling you – he´s president of the united states of america now. lucky you, you don´t have to see all the sadness in the world now. millions of people living afraid and worried, with no hope in mind. and i think they need your voice again to give some comfort. what have the two of us to do now?? yes, i know never give up. >> you´re laughing, right?? << i can hear you!

you already did your work. a whole life given to meaningful words. now you’re gone, and i still miss you!

nothing changed. i´m sitting in the mowed meadow, listening to david bowie – the man who sold the world.

everybody is a welcome refugee, impressions below


Herr der Vulkane

3 Wedel und ein Gletscher


Wasser fliesst

Gestrüp Gelb

Gestrüp Lila Grün

sliding dunes again

Die 2 in der Düne

Himatangi beach strong

Cliff siluette

before and after


Beach Toyota

Denk nach

Sniffing lines

∇ tongariro, huka falls, himatangi beach, new zealand.


.90 miles away.

we felt honored to visit the „90 mile beach“. as you can see below, another incredible piece of nature originated millions of years ago. we met no human being.

i really get mad about the whole industry in our parts of the world. murdering our nature sources is a REALLY good idea, folks. yes let´s do it *sarcasm hint*!  you went on a collage, graduate most successfully, grab a rare job in the industry and make a ton of money. so do i have to illustrate you this imaginary picture? why it is on vogue to be the most sensless idiot in the world instead of being a hero for millions of people and take care of our surroundings? why are we that stupid?? it is possible to have both- a good working industry and taking care of the nature. the result is that companies just earn millions of our money instead of billions. so what´s the deal?!

did you know that a simple plastic bag, the most of us are using for shopping in a supermarket or their favourite clothing stores, needs more than 400 years to decompose??!! For a 15 minute walk back home??


and it is not gone! it is just so small that you can not see it anymore. and what you can´t see does not exist, right??

WRONG, trump elector!!!!

how many plastic are you using a week?? 30 million of plastic bottles are used in bali, PER MONTH! three hundred and sixty million of plastic bottles a year! and this is a really small island. they sell this aluminum bottles everywhere and you can ask for a free refill on tab water.

did you know that roundabout 80% of all oxygen where prodused by the ocean?? And just 20% from our green lungs?? can you imagine how many waste we dumb in??? did you ever heard the size of the plastic-waste island in the pacific?

dude what should i say- go to collage, graduate as good as possible and help your environment. do some veteran things, produce recyclable materials, invent a plasticless world or non nuclear power. whatever you do, don´t be one of this stupid cunts which makes rich people just richer, so they can´t trying to built casino´s on the most sensible eco system in new zealand, just for fun, like the owner of camel tabak, years ago.

please- be smart and safe my fucking planet. otherwise you are not able to make your urgent holidays from financial stock market in the caribbean…cause there is non.

impressions below

Dunes 90 Miles Beachside

Dunes 90 Miles Beach

90 Mile Beach

90 Miles


90 Mile Site

90 Mile Beach Dunes

90 Mile Beach above Dune

Dune detail

90 Mile

90 Miles Detail_ London, Sydney, Tokoy




Cape North Lighttower

Two Oceans come together

Cape North



∇ 90 mile beach, cape north, new zealand.




we´re going up north… i forgot more and more the crazy civilization, the overcrowded cities, smok, silly problems, and the unimportant life i had so far. i am nature drunken. things become so irrelevant when you are surrounded from epic mother nature. you seek of fame? i seek for inner peace. and this is probably one good way to find it. i had my first dream in english – it was strange, and i barely can´t remember. this is the other side of the world!

quick impressions below

Cliff walk

Cliff walk from the side



Fishing Dude

Marina Full Moon_

∇ mangawai, new zealand.



there is nothing to say… beautiful things don´t ask for attention!

oh there is one thing… this native accent is a savage! oih!

impressions below


Muriwai Beachside


View Muriwai Beachside detail Die Dornenvögel auf dem Felsen Die Dornenvögel auf dem Felsen detail


Die Dornenvögel

Der Tölpel

∇ auckland, muriwai, new zealand



brothers and sisters-

as you may read in the last entry, we did it to new zealand!! currently – auckland city!

fun fact – auckland is listed on the world´s most liveable cities at the 8th place in 2016!

what an amazing place! they really know how to enjoy life and it´s so slowed down. you can imagine how sweet a place can be, when it´s normal to say >thanks for the good ride< to the bus driver! yes, we have a pretty good time in our lovely air b´n´b in grey linn and watch the tides from the breakfast table. 72 hours are gone and we already joined a guns n´roses concert with slash and axel, 10 minutes walk from home! so i crossed from my bucket list: have seen slash playing his double armed guitar, whilst slamin “sweet child of mine”.  √

now we just stray around, have some coffee and soak up all we get in between, until we will receive our camper van in the next few days. i think we will pimp it super nice and get the party started!

oh! by the way… i love you hanna, thanks for being the best travel buddy and beloved wife of all times!

impressions below

Jump in Pool

Beach Scene

Memories before dying

them girls

Construction worker


Delighted Grandpa

Backlit Auckland Space Needle  Crane Schräglage sitting bull look tacos





Diese Möve∇ auckland, waiheke, new zealand.




hey friends,

while i´m texting this short blog, i´m sitting barefoot in auckland, in the middle of a rugby court.

so this is a mixed view of the amazing food we had so far in bali. the typically smartphone trash everybody is blogging. YEAH here it is. get jealous or not, but that was super delicious! we really recommend the fruit and vegetable/fish bowls, which you can get there everywhere. and thats another sign, that most of us in the first world are really behind the trends. crap convenience food instead of simple, super fast and healthy goods. you know why?? because they care!












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19 1-7

∇ bali, indonesia