.back in the 50´s.

a lot of people asked me what 50´s i shoot, so here is the answer. (not a review, just the way the cookie crumbled)

Zeiss 50/2 ZM

Leica Summicron 50/2 v.4

Jupiter 3 – 50/1.5 LTM (=Leica Thread Mount, or LSM = Leica Screw Mount, means you need an adapter)

Canon LTM 50/1.2 

the first 50 i bought was an Zeiss 50/2 Planar ZM, but i sold it after a few month, because i didn´t like the way it looks, the habtic, the sharpness, the “rendering”, and anything else on it, but i can´t afford any other 50mm at this time, so i sold it to a good friend and he sold it after a couple of weeks … a god damn lens, you hate it, or you love it! than i worked super mega hard and saved money for the Summicron, and that is a reaaaaaally epic lens, an everyday 50mm which you can keep till the end of all times! to be honest, i really prefer the Summiluxes over the Crons. they are in my opinion the best  lenses ever made (and i mean there is no other! no hasselblad, schneider kreuznach, or any other manufacterer), the way it renders is so special and unique, never saw it on another lenses before all of them 28mm/35mm/50mm!!!! but they are heavier, longer and way more expensive (3700€ till 6000€ compared to 2000€ till 3500€ for the crons) and the “crons” are razor sharp even at f.2, has a build in hood and feels suberb build. unfortunately the 50cron has no tab, which is a great bummer. in my opinion and as a passionated streetphotographer, every leica lens really needs a tab! fun fact – the 35 cron asph. has a tab.

after that, i bought the Jupiter - that was an amzing idea! i got it on ebay for 180€ + an L39 to M Adapter for 80€ from Novoflex in a really suberb condition! this is a hell of a lens. from f.1.5 to f.22, it´s rock solid, and the aparture ring is so smooth but clickless (it´s like from a cine primelens), but the aparture ring goes the other way round – to the left!!! if you shoot it for a few hours, it´s not a problem at all, but if you changing lenses all the time, it´s a bit confusing. i think it´s from the late 50´s, has 7 lenses in 3 groups, and a wonderful dreamy bubble bokeh from time to time! that lens is a secret insider tip for me! as you may recognized, i have a big passion for vintage lenses

and the last one was the Canon Dream Lens in mint condition from ebay (australia) for 514€ + import fee. i observed the canon LTM lenses over a couple of month on ebay and never saw one in this condition and so cheap. so lucky me! sometimes it´s worth it waiting, even though i hate waiting more than anything else on this planet – oh no, not true – the american president is more senseless. but, wait for it – surprise – the dreamlens is a dream lens! but it´s an effect lens in my opinion, not an every day 50mm. at 1.2 it´s a bit soft and it glow´s, but that´s not a problem at all. it´s a perfect lens for weddings or portrait jobs, because of it´s unique soft, dreamy, bubble bokeh. the focus way is a bit long but after a few tries(*), u get really used to it, and it is a “bit” heavy because of a really massive front glass element, a bit hefty, but it balances your body really good. i mean it´s not this annoying heavy like a fucking dslr with a 50/1.2 from canon or nikon, fuji, pentax, or others. so thumbs up for that one!

if u have any questions don´t hesitate to hit me a mail (

the next post goes out for my 35mm lenses, watch out!

the strap is from the best leather strap maker (in second generation i think) on this planet from florence.
















*autofocus makes you stupid!



.v for vienna.

by night it is so different in days…

Prater Wien


Bad Companies_2

Bad Companies

and another boring building



.greetings from falco.

my beloved wife and me went to vienna, austria for a couple of days, for my 34th birthday. the most beautiful city in the world! sorry i´m too lazy to post beautiful architecture from the 17-19th century, if you wanna see that make a google streetview tour. or pack your stuff and go by yourself! more than worth it!

i´m super digging that cine look, as u may see, the last few pictures are looking strange oversized (for me) but you are really loosing some important information by cutting down. so it doesn´t fit for every picture, respectively u have to think about the focal length before shooting. i just switched between my summicron 50/2 v.4, and a voigtländer 35/1.4. that fits most of the situations, but the 50mm is nearly perfect for that.

impression below















a holy moment

whats the question?

if i could be a bird

The Chest Player