.if you try to be individual.

well, i met a lot of people so far. different nations, societies, professions, sexualities, tribes, clubs, couples or homeless people and so on…

what can i say to 99,7%,  you are not individual even though you try. we are just one under zillions of people. each of them try to be individual. non of us is!

think about that, it´s not always about your look or your opinion, it´s how you act, and how you treat your environment. it happens exact the same somewhere around the globe, each second with another one which nearly thinks the same.

ohhhh- and if i talk about individual people and being unique… stop shopping at primarkt, or woolworth, or similar. YOU´RE NOT!

they are the most fucking companies on the planet, include a few other, which i will slap/hit/kick/spit/shit in a few posts later in the blacklist of companies!

even though i hope your twin in mind is not a nazi, rapist, trump elector, psycho, stalker, kardashian, or another freak of nature. it´s totally ok to be a white guy listening gangster rap, and totally ok to be a black heavy metal geek. we are all black, redhead, white, gay, straight, curled, freckled, disabled, 6 fingered human. we are all born on this one planet by coincident. you cannot feel superior to someone who is born by coincident in another country, behind a wall a government built, or a imaginary borderline, and has another skin color or accent. you are so stupid if you think like that. it´s accidental! otherwise i hope, you will have this life you hate right now, in a future life!

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Yellow Stripe

Walk the dog

∇ from north to south island, new zealand.