.the answer is you.

people are made to follow other people, as you can see in social media or an even worse example – the ww2 or the last president election in the us. the smarter one under a few, try all their best to take advantage of the simple minds. but a simple mind, is not always an idiot, don´t get me wrong!! for example a farmer isn´t an idiot, because he´s “just” growing vegetables or breed cows. he gets in charge for a hundred of people and give them food and is smart enough, not to be a banker.

the more intelligent people try to get as far as they can from the first one above. the more time i spend in this country on the other side of the planet, the more i think, this is the farest point you can reach, not to get in touch with those freaking poor souls. they are wrecking everything what is from importance like: love, nature, family & friends, piece & quiescent or wildlife and the creatures who cannot fight back. to name just a few under thousands of possible matches.

it´s nasty to watch this from the outside whats happening in europe, america, africa and asia. so much hate, so less humanity, misunderstandings, political propaganda and greed for money. as you may know, when you are working on a project and you are really deep into it… it´s good to leave it for a while, and ask a third person to give you another opinion about it. that´s what i´m doing on this journey.

so the answer of all those problems are you.


of all this what´s happening arround you. you are responsible to vote, recycling, take care of you’re neighbors, kids, friends, homeless people, environmental polution, your job, or your employees, line manager, sanity, ecological and financial prudence, … . you don´t have to work until you´re dying in a job you hate from 9am to 5pm. quit, search another one you really love and give the possibly best you can. We are not born to work so hard that we´re dying from the consequences. and i think more than 75% of all people have this kind of daily work.

it´s just thoughts, it´s just my opinion, it´s just a scenario! you may think about the consequences and the truth.

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