i need a second camera fixed on my other eye, because it´s not possible to capture every detail when u are straying around the countryside.

so no hating today, just show u some love from the other side of the world. this is my favorite landscape by far!!!  it´s so unique and so special that you’re not really trust your brain what it shows you up. i think there are just a handful other countries on this planet which have this kind of uniqueness. i made probably a trillion of pictures, so there will be following some other kick ass pictures soon! i have no time to edit them all now.

if you are interested in prints, please let me know. there will be a gallery show soon with really big prints! so make a reservation soon with limited ones available … dive in and enjoy! it´s real!

lots of impressions below.

Lake Wanaka-6

Lake Wanaka-7

Lake Wanaka-8

Lake Wanaka-11

Lake Wanaka-9

Lake Wanaka-10

Lake Wanaka-12

Lake Wanaka-15

Lake Wanaka-13

Lake Wanaka-14

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka-2

Lake Wanaka-3

Lake Wanaka-4

Lake Wanaka-5∇on the way to lake wanaka, new zealand.