.sieg über die sonne.

i don´t like this kind of good weather photography. ok sometimes it´s just happening, it is what it is. when you don´t have the time to spend hours on location then you sometimes have to shoot at high noon. but please don´t wait until the sun is coming up for your pictures. it´s SO boring. shoot at low light, shoot in the morning sun, shoot when the rain is coming from the side or from below. it´s drama, it´s interesting, it´s special, and you separate yourself from 85% of all other people. dive into the mood, feel the room, take the risk! it´s worth it! i am a professing cloud shooter, as you may recognized in the past^^

impressions below

Lake Wanaka Neblig-2

Lake Wanaka Neblig

Lake Wanaka Neblig-3

Lake Wanaka Neblig-4

Lake Wanaka Neblig-5

Lake Wanaka Neblig-6

Lake Wanaka Neblig-7∇ lake wanaka, new zealand.