.do what you can´t.

some days ago i stumbled over this video from the legend casey neistat.


it´s super inspiring, and i think all of us really needs this kind of encourage from time to time. everything is possible, do what you can´t. such a good advise and so simple! go beyond limits, push yourself to another level. many people adore some stupid celebrities instead of starting a good idea, and get their own credits from others. ok, it´s a hard way, you will be disappointed, bleeding, struggling, hate yourself and others. but if you really should fail…. then you learned something for life that nobody can take away, because you are wiser! the result of this scenario is a lot of fun. so thanks my love, to make this amazing trip with me and show me places on this wonderful world i will keep in mind until i´m dying.

what if everybody keeps pushing himself and try to get the best out of it?! awesome prospect!

impressions below

RobRoy Glacier

RobRoy Glacier2

RobRoy Glacier3

RobRoy Glacier5

RobRoy Glacier4

RobRoy Glacier6∇ rob roy glacier, lake wanaka, new zealand