.act of nature or an act of god.

after spending month on this two islands, you probably dwell on a thought.

who build that?

i am not a religious person, but when nature hit you that hard, you ask yourself a lot of that questions. if – or who- or how somebody build that globe he really did a great job with that part. respect dude! you can belief in what you want and i think in anyway that our mind is pretty dense and way to unqualified to imagine whats happening on our and beyond our planet. sarcasm hint – yes we are definitely alone in this universe trump elector! we think we can make a country great again?? we should work together and make this planet great again! safe it, stop littering it, stop killing what nourish us. thats a really good masterplan.

and if everything failed – who laughs last laughs longest – mother nature. she even will be there when we destroyed each other and cracked heads into each other! although a good prospect.

impressions below

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo-8

Lake Tekapo-10

Lake Tekapo-11

Lake Tekapo-5

Lake Tekapo-7

Lake Tekapo-16

Lake Tekapo-17

Lake Tekapo-18

Lake Tekapo-4

Lake Tekapo-13∇ lake tekapo, south island, new zealand.