.coincidences are everywhere.

if you are open hearted, positive and wear nothing but a smile, they will find you and give you the joy of life. i think it depends on your own mood, negative feelings or attitudes will bring out negative pictures and the opposite way round. if you want to interact with other people on the streets, you have to be a mirror of themselves. and street photography is an interaction with your surrounding. it´s funny to try it and to see the result, i love it.

i watched a lot of matt stuart, joel meyerowitz and john free stuff in the past couple of days. and that is really inspiring for any photographer. don´t miss that if you are into it! and influenced from this strong words and the truth in it, i get some real shots that have a lot more strength in it, than any other street photography i made before. a new chapter opened in my book and i´m super stoked to write it – figuratively – to capture it, to try and to learn!

you have to understand and believe in what you are doing, otherwise your pictures will never reach another level of meaning.

if life is a joke, we could at least laugh a lot.

impressions below

Wait to cross

Death is behind a corner

death is behind any corner with a smile

eye contact with advertisment


Get that bargin feeling

∇ auckland, new zealand.