i made so many street captures that i can´t edit them all… so here are some leftovers which i can´t use for something but i think they are still amazing and showable. and it´s still the daily life of tokyo, thats whats happening here every second along the streets.  so now you can guess what an insane input here comes to your brain when you just go for a quick photo walk. and these are just some i picked from zillion others on my hard drive. but i think it´s ok for the moment to skip the people and show you some urban romantic in the future posts…. how about that?!

impressions below

Her Name is Heidi, not kidding

Hurry up_

3 lovely Geishas

Riding Bike

Lake Tokyo

Sky Tree frontal Crossing_

Not you again Mine


Soon Stripclub∇ somewhere in tokyo, japan.