layers & surfaces

one of the most exciting things in tokyo for me, are the layering of the different architectures behind each other which is never ending. it starts with a small little bakery and ends with an insane 270m tall skyscraper, as long as you can see the horizon. the mix is so funny that tokyo becomes one of the funniest city surfaces in the world. the buildings are that high, that the sun is coming in a really steep angle along the day and throws strong shadows in the house canyons. i have a lot of neck pain from looking up all day long.

from tokyo with love, impressions below

From Above

Amazing Architecture

Azabujubans Oben bleiben

Azabujubans Tops

Azabujubans Hauptstrasse

Azabujubans Baseballturm

Crossing with Umbrella

Eck∇ tokyo, japan