.how to start with confidence and a degree of humility.

a new number on the paper, and everybody is full with confidence to the world and faith to change everything in society. but it will only happen, when everybody is ready to change his own behavior, is ready to help his neighbor, children, friends or foreigner.

yes we can! at least the most of us… but only if you stop making stupid people famous, vote them for presidents, parliamentarian, majors and so on. we are the streets, the populace, the tribe, or whatever social squad you´re in. but be smart. please let´s stay together as one nation. respect, animals, other opinions, sexualities, preferences, except of your freak shit, then think about it and search for some help! we are all humans, no matter if you are black, white, yellow, brown, straight or gay. we are an evolution of animals by accident. i know you don´t like this thought, but that´s not a fiction, that´s the naked truth! two thousand years ago, we thought the planet is flat, a thousand years ago we´re used to trust that witches can perform miracles, nearly two hundred years ago we invented machines that brought us from one place to another, faster then any horse. now everybody has his own smartphone with as much as knowledge as anytime before, but behave as dump as two thousand years ago. the only miracle what happened any second, minute, hour, day, week, year and decades is nature.

so let us safe this fucking planet!

yes, we can feed any human on this planet, but we don´t. we can possibly fly to other planets, but we don’t. we can have peace, but we don´t. and we can love each other, but we don´t! the barrier is our own mind and intelligence! but if we think about the past hundred years, do you think we are that intelligent??? oh im sorry you finished college and make billions of dollars, cause you sell notional things. but you stopped learning at the school of life!

i feel shame for all of us!

so get your ass off your cosy sofa, study hard, be patient and smart, don´t belief any stupid shit, make your own personal opinion, visit other countries, try to learn and understand their point of view, respect the older generation – one day you will be in the same situation, and possibly the most important point….. have fun and find someone you can share this adventure which we call – LIFE. make a good footprint on this planet, so then we can have the chance for a long and fortunate time. together!

we call it 2017. let´s do this…


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sorry for spelling and grammar, i´m still learning…