.lousy living.

here is a little story that goes like this:

once there was a time – a young couple decided to go afar.

then what seemed like an eternity, they open their eyes and find themselves  in one of this unique places mother nature ever built. but that will not last for a long time. why are people making pigs of themselves and treat this awesome places and the locals like a plague of locusts?!? i don’t get that… all you’re children will not be able to feel this uniqueness of mother nature and this warm hearted marvelous people we met in bali here.

so we are more than happy to made that decision now and be able to bring joy to the people and spend a good time with them, to give something back, and have an interaction with the environment, and not to take everything away like a bacteria rankles a host  - this is  a first world problem – to take all you get because you have some money and so you feel more superior to someone??? but for a really good karma and for a good footprint on this planet…  give something back and be patient and kind to everyone, universally! you can take it from me, the people don´t give a shit about your bank account, they have a reaaaally lucky live without all of you!

so safe my fucking planet asshole!

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Dog Life

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