.thanks for having us.

we are getting deeper and deeper into our little bali adventure. the kindness of every single person blows our minds. i mean what happened to our society in europe and north america, that we unlearned to smile?! everybody – everywhere! i think, the quest of happiness really made us unhappy.

traveling opens your soul in every direction, everybody all over the world have some problems from time to time… that´s human being, but how do you handle it really makes the difference. and i think we should not take every single problem or detail too serious, just smile it away. not everything, i´m not stupid, but begin with small things.

now we know what hate brings us along the way. everybody is scared about terror and refugees, dumbasses for presidents, or ludicrous public figures. so we forgot the good things, the good politicians, the amazing artists, and the foreign friends we made so far. it starts with a decision.

please bring back some love, good spirit, and some good prospects to the future. i really looking forward to this…

and don´t forget – beautiful things don´t ask for attention!

quick impressions below

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot earlier


The Umrella Security

Helping Hand



Ubud Rice Terrace square

Ubud Rice Terrace

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