.clean your soul.

we were very honored to share a special event at the pura tirta empul. it´s a very sacred place, were hundreds of hindus and especially balinese people gather at full moon and black moon to wash their souls, clean their bodies from bad karma and get blessed.

what a nice ritual which i really recommend. i´m not super religious and i know we have some similar ritual in the catholic church, but this fits me more than our ancient customs. and i really belief in karma. so i always try to respect human being and animals and even those poor idiots who treat everything like a trashcan. and all you trashcan people out there… it will find you, when you don´t expect it!

the people are so peaceful here – from head to toe! and i think this is really missing in other persuasions. and please don´t take it too serious. religion is just a filler not the finish. a good surrounding can bring you peace inside, and a smile will took it out. so if you are really unlucky in your job or your environment, than that´s probably not your right and final destination. you need a change and you will find friends everywhere around the globe.

language is not a barrier. hate is a barrier. bliss and joy, that´s what everybody tries to find. so i repeat myself more than once, but get your ass off the cosy couch, snap a passport and join life! nature is happening, and life is happening, now, and now, and now, and now and now….you missing it… and now and now, and now…. and safe my fucking planet!

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Longtime expose

Und Ente

Elephant Temple

Monkey Forrest




Get Blessed




Monkeys Crossing

∇ pura tirta empul, ubud, bali, indonesia.