layers & surfaces

one of the most exciting things in tokyo for me, are the layering of the different architectures behind each other which is never ending. it starts with a small little bakery and ends with an insane 270m tall skyscraper, as long as you can see the horizon. the mix is so funny that tokyo becomes one of the funniest city surfaces in the world. the buildings are that high, that the sun is coming in a really steep angle along the day and throws strong shadows in the house canyons. i have a lot of neck pain from looking up all day long.

from tokyo with love, impressions below

From Above

Amazing Architecture

Azabujubans Oben bleiben

Azabujubans Tops

Azabujubans Hauptstrasse

Azabujubans Baseballturm

Crossing with Umbrella

Eck∇ tokyo, japan



i made so many street captures that i can´t edit them all… so here are some leftovers which i can´t use for something but i think they are still amazing and showable. and it´s still the daily life of tokyo, thats whats happening here every second along the streets.  so now you can guess what an insane input here comes to your brain when you just go for a quick photo walk. and these are just some i picked from zillion others on my hard drive. but i think it´s ok for the moment to skip the people and show you some urban romantic in the future posts…. how about that?!

impressions below

Her Name is Heidi, not kidding

Hurry up_

3 lovely Geishas

Riding Bike

Lake Tokyo

Sky Tree frontal Crossing_

Not you again Mine


Soon Stripclub∇ somewhere in tokyo, japan.


.big in japan.

in the year my wife gets born – japan went big. and now we´re here.

winter’s cityside 
crystal bits of snowflakes 
all around my head and in the wind 
i had no illusions 
that i’d ever find a glimpse 
of summer’s heatwaves in your eyes 
you did what you did to me 
now it’s history, i see 
here’s my comeback on the road again 
things will happen while they can 
i will wait here for my man tonight 
it’s easy when you’re big in japan 

aah when you’re big in japan-tonight
big in japan-be-tight
big in japan ooh the eastern sea’s so blue 
big in japan-alright
pay! – then i’ll sleep by your side 
things are easy when you’re big in japan 
oh when you’re big in japan 

neon on my naked skin, passing silhouettes 
of strange illuminated mannequins 
shall i stay here at the zoo 
or should I go and change my point of view 
for other ugly scenes 
you did what you did to me 
now it’s history I see 
here’s my comeback on the road again 
things will happen while they can 
i will wait here for my man tonight 
it’s easy when you’re big in japan 

aah when you’re big in japan-tonight
big in japan-be-tight
big in japan ooh the eastern sea’s so blue 
big in japan-alright, pay! 
then i’ll sleep by your side 
things are easy when you’re big in japan

alphaville – Big in japan / 1984

impressions below


Good Conversations

Oma denkt nach

Normal Day

Lustig zu dritt


Look Tacos

Smile like you mean it∇ somewhere in tokyo, japan.


.i don´t hate mondays.

we and the 36million people monster had a great monday. we went to the laundry, to the grocery store, the taylor, had amazing dinner (*) and the taste of living in here. shoot round about 400 people – still a few left – good prospect!

* incidental remark:

im totally addicted to ramen soups. this could be the reason for dying with overweight but i think i will start a business back in germany. i get you!

impressions from our hood below


Stolz wie Omi

Lustig ne?!

Verkehrte Welt

Olympic Team 2020

Brücken Szene quer

Brücken Szene



Kodak Color Film


Riffelblech wo anderst∇ ayase, tokyo, japan.


.it´s a playground.

this is like the centerpiece of human observing.

impressions below


Mich juckts

Ha Ja!

Wo? Omi hat Hunger Warum?∇ tokyo, japan.


.i heart taxi.

tokyo have the sweetest taxis ever. they look like one of this awesome drawings from akira toriyama, san mamiya or kim jung gi. i´ll try my best to make some other nice pictures of this! how sick is tokyo?!

impressions below

Supergirls don´t cry

Taxi rot

Taxi grün

Taxi weiss-blau

Taxi schwarz

Taxi weiss

Suit up


∇ tokyo, japan.


.moshimoshi nippon.

we made it to tokyo, japan. what a blast!! i will come to that later, because we are super tired and totally wasted. today was the first day and we just took the train to the inner city and strayed around.

it´s sooooooo sick! i´m really in love with the people, the urban romantic, the clean look and the massive surrounding.

pack some stuff and come as you are!

impressions below

Smelly Subway

Pick me

Schools out

masked Subway Rider

old Thoughts

I can´t see anything

Rush stop


Taxi drive by

She is smiling

The dark night∇ tokyo, japan.


.i try and learn.

i try to understand, adapt and see. but way to far away…nevertheless i´ll give me an A for effort^^

Life Framed


Orange Sidewalk

Smooth Criminal

∇ last days in aukland new zealand.



.coincidences are everywhere.

if you are open hearted, positive and wear nothing but a smile, they will find you and give you the joy of life. i think it depends on your own mood, negative feelings or attitudes will bring out negative pictures and the opposite way round. if you want to interact with other people on the streets, you have to be a mirror of themselves. and street photography is an interaction with your surrounding. it´s funny to try it and to see the result, i love it.

i watched a lot of matt stuart, joel meyerowitz and john free stuff in the past couple of days. and that is really inspiring for any photographer. don´t miss that if you are into it! and influenced from this strong words and the truth in it, i get some real shots that have a lot more strength in it, than any other street photography i made before. a new chapter opened in my book and i´m super stoked to write it – figuratively – to capture it, to try and to learn!

you have to understand and believe in what you are doing, otherwise your pictures will never reach another level of meaning.

if life is a joke, we could at least laugh a lot.

impressions below

Wait to cross

Death is behind a corner

death is behind any corner with a smile

eye contact with advertisment


Get that bargin feeling

∇ auckland, new zealand.


.from missing and kissing.

we did it and we will REALLY miss this place!

our time in new zealand is nearly over. we have to leave in a week and heading japan for a while. like i told you on a previous post, i have trillions of pictures left and not the time to edit.  so i think there will be a lot of random post with random impressions coming up in the future. sorry about that, but i think you will enjoy it in anyway. if you have any questions or suggestions please leave me a text: or on my instagram account: stolenm0ments

japan is super amazing as you can guess and has a lot of insane nature as well, which of course, i will try to capture, but the main theme would be about street photography/portrait and urban romantic. i hope you can forgive me and i will try my best to give you the same epic output like i had here in z-land.

by the way, thank you all for supporting this blog and my instagram account, for the nice words, and the love. this keeps me up shooting and to give you the possibly best output i can

we had a lot of fun, have seen insane things, crossed a lot things from our bucket list, made a lot of friends and kind of the best time in our life. but this is not the end, it´s just one part of many sick journeys we will made in the future. so stay tuned!

thanks for all hanna, i luf u!

impressions below

Lake Tekapo-15

Lake Tekapo-9

Lake Tekapo-2

The Finger_

The Finger


The Beauty & the Beast new zealand, random parts