.from missing and kissing.

we did it and we will REALLY miss this place!

our time in new zealand is nearly over. we have to leave in a week and heading japan for a while. like i told you on a previous post, i have trillions of pictures left and not the time to edit.  so i think there will be a lot of random post with random impressions coming up in the future. sorry about that, but i think you will enjoy it in anyway. if you have any questions or suggestions please leave me a text: or on my instagram account: stolenm0ments

japan is super amazing as you can guess and has a lot of insane nature as well, which of course, i will try to capture, but the main theme would be about street photography/portrait and urban romantic. i hope you can forgive me and i will try my best to give you the same epic output like i had here in z-land.

by the way, thank you all for supporting this blog and my instagram account, for the nice words, and the love. this keeps me up shooting and to give you the possibly best output i can

we had a lot of fun, have seen insane things, crossed a lot things from our bucket list, made a lot of friends and kind of the best time in our life. but this is not the end, it´s just one part of many sick journeys we will made in the future. so stay tuned!

thanks for all hanna, i luf u!

impressions below

Lake Tekapo-15

Lake Tekapo-9

Lake Tekapo-2

The Finger_

The Finger


The Beauty & the Beast new zealand, random parts


.act of nature or an act of god.

after spending month on this two islands, you probably dwell on a thought.

who build that?

i am not a religious person, but when nature hit you that hard, you ask yourself a lot of that questions. if – or who- or how somebody build that globe he really did a great job with that part. respect dude! you can belief in what you want and i think in anyway that our mind is pretty dense and way to unqualified to imagine whats happening on our and beyond our planet. sarcasm hint – yes we are definitely alone in this universe trump elector! we think we can make a country great again?? we should work together and make this planet great again! safe it, stop littering it, stop killing what nourish us. thats a really good masterplan.

and if everything failed – who laughs last laughs longest – mother nature. she even will be there when we destroyed each other and cracked heads into each other! although a good prospect.

impressions below

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo-8

Lake Tekapo-10

Lake Tekapo-11

Lake Tekapo-5

Lake Tekapo-7

Lake Tekapo-16

Lake Tekapo-17

Lake Tekapo-18

Lake Tekapo-4

Lake Tekapo-13∇ lake tekapo, south island, new zealand.



.do what you can´t.

some days ago i stumbled over this video from the legend casey neistat.

it´s super inspiring, and i think all of us really needs this kind of encourage from time to time. everything is possible, do what you can´t. such a good advise and so simple! go beyond limits, push yourself to another level. many people adore some stupid celebrities instead of starting a good idea, and get their own credits from others. ok, it´s a hard way, you will be disappointed, bleeding, struggling, hate yourself and others. but if you really should fail…. then you learned something for life that nobody can take away, because you are wiser! the result of this scenario is a lot of fun. so thanks my love, to make this amazing trip with me and show me places on this wonderful world i will keep in mind until i´m dying.

what if everybody keeps pushing himself and try to get the best out of it?! awesome prospect!

impressions below

RobRoy Glacier

RobRoy Glacier2

RobRoy Glacier3

RobRoy Glacier5

RobRoy Glacier4

RobRoy Glacier6∇ rob roy glacier, lake wanaka, new zealand


.sieg über die sonne.

i don´t like this kind of good weather photography. ok sometimes it´s just happening, it is what it is. when you don´t have the time to spend hours on location then you sometimes have to shoot at high noon. but please don´t wait until the sun is coming up for your pictures. it´s SO boring. shoot at low light, shoot in the morning sun, shoot when the rain is coming from the side or from below. it´s drama, it´s interesting, it´s special, and you separate yourself from 85% of all other people. dive into the mood, feel the room, take the risk! it´s worth it! i am a professing cloud shooter, as you may recognized in the past^^

impressions below

Lake Wanaka Neblig-2

Lake Wanaka Neblig

Lake Wanaka Neblig-3

Lake Wanaka Neblig-4

Lake Wanaka Neblig-5

Lake Wanaka Neblig-6

Lake Wanaka Neblig-7∇ lake wanaka, new zealand.


.places you will never see again.

this is one of those really sick creations of mother nature. so safe my fucking planet and maybe or hopefully you are able at sometime to visit this great artwork of rocks and waterfalls wrapped in an epic surrounding from a massive mountainside. and if this one is not enough for you … you can have some cute but big parrots in this fairy-tale valley. unfortunately my batterie was dead to capture one. but i will keep it in mind forever! captured with my eyes and stored in my brain!

all rights reserved by mother earth!

impressions below

On the way to Milford Sound

On the way to Milford Sound detail

On the way to Milford Sound detail_5

On the way to Milford Sound detail_2

On the way to Milford Sound detail_4

On the way to Milford Sound detail_3∇ on the way to milford sound, new zealand.



i need a second camera fixed on my other eye, because it´s not possible to capture every detail when u are straying around the countryside.

so no hating today, just show u some love from the other side of the world. this is my favorite landscape by far!!!  it´s so unique and so special that you’re not really trust your brain what it shows you up. i think there are just a handful other countries on this planet which have this kind of uniqueness. i made probably a trillion of pictures, so there will be following some other kick ass pictures soon! i have no time to edit them all now.

if you are interested in prints, please let me know. there will be a gallery show soon with really big prints! so make a reservation soon with limited ones available … dive in and enjoy! it´s real!

lots of impressions below.

Lake Wanaka-6

Lake Wanaka-7

Lake Wanaka-8

Lake Wanaka-11

Lake Wanaka-9

Lake Wanaka-10

Lake Wanaka-12

Lake Wanaka-15

Lake Wanaka-13

Lake Wanaka-14

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka-2

Lake Wanaka-3

Lake Wanaka-4

Lake Wanaka-5∇on the way to lake wanaka, new zealand.



.from now to fiction.

time to wake up, time to change things.

time to act, time to safe my fucking planet.

time to get in charge, time to let loose.

time to take care, time to oppose.

time to believe, time to know.

time to help, time to understand.

time to love, time to trust.

time to looking forward, time to grow up.

time is relative and our fiction. what are you waiting for…

impressions below

Milford Sound_2

Milford Sound_3

Milford Sound_4

Milford Sound_1



Robby Robbe

Milford Sound

Alpaka invert



Tiny Beach


∇southisland, new zealand.


.the answer is you.

people are made to follow other people, as you can see in social media or an even worse example – the ww2 or the last president election in the us. the smarter one under a few, try all their best to take advantage of the simple minds. but a simple mind, is not always an idiot, don´t get me wrong!! for example a farmer isn´t an idiot, because he´s “just” growing vegetables or breed cows. he gets in charge for a hundred of people and give them food and is smart enough, not to be a banker.

the more intelligent people try to get as far as they can from the first one above. the more time i spend in this country on the other side of the planet, the more i think, this is the farest point you can reach, not to get in touch with those freaking poor souls. they are wrecking everything what is from importance like: love, nature, family & friends, piece & quiescent or wildlife and the creatures who cannot fight back. to name just a few under thousands of possible matches.

it´s nasty to watch this from the outside whats happening in europe, america, africa and asia. so much hate, so less humanity, misunderstandings, political propaganda and greed for money. as you may know, when you are working on a project and you are really deep into it… it´s good to leave it for a while, and ask a third person to give you another opinion about it. that´s what i´m doing on this journey.

so the answer of all those problems are you.


of all this what´s happening arround you. you are responsible to vote, recycling, take care of you’re neighbors, kids, friends, homeless people, environmental polution, your job, or your employees, line manager, sanity, ecological and financial prudence, … . you don´t have to work until you´re dying in a job you hate from 9am to 5pm. quit, search another one you really love and give the possibly best you can. We are not born to work so hard that we´re dying from the consequences. and i think more than 75% of all people have this kind of daily work.

it´s just thoughts, it´s just my opinion, it´s just a scenario! you may think about the consequences and the truth.

impressions below

Never using the word skyporn


Ocean with Backlight

the concept of a rangefinder


Great Cost Road

the man who sold the world




Franz Josef Glacier

∇ different spots, south island, new zealand.


.if you try to be individual.

well, i met a lot of people so far. different nations, societies, professions, sexualities, tribes, clubs, couples or homeless people and so on…

what can i say to 99,7%,  you are not individual even though you try. we are just one under zillions of people. each of them try to be individual. non of us is!

think about that, it´s not always about your look or your opinion, it´s how you act, and how you treat your environment. it happens exact the same somewhere around the globe, each second with another one which nearly thinks the same.

ohhhh- and if i talk about individual people and being unique… stop shopping at primarkt, or woolworth, or similar. YOU´RE NOT!

they are the most fucking companies on the planet, include a few other, which i will slap/hit/kick/spit/shit in a few posts later in the blacklist of companies!

even though i hope your twin in mind is not a nazi, rapist, trump elector, psycho, stalker, kardashian, or another freak of nature. it´s totally ok to be a white guy listening gangster rap, and totally ok to be a black heavy metal geek. we are all black, redhead, white, gay, straight, curled, freckled, disabled, 6 fingered human. we are all born on this one planet by coincident. you cannot feel superior to someone who is born by coincident in another country, behind a wall a government built, or a imaginary borderline, and has another skin color or accent. you are so stupid if you think like that. it´s accidental! otherwise i hope, you will have this life you hate right now, in a future life!

human impressions below



The Geier




Yellow Stripe

Walk the dog

∇ from north to south island, new zealand.